Advanced Infrastructure Technology - Designating


Whether it be a small area that needs to be checked and cleared for private utilities or a large mapping project(Utilities Survey), our team can provide all the necessary utility locating services you could ever need. We use the most current and accurate utility locating equipment on the market. Our equipment is always calibrated and in good working order.

gas test hole


Test holes are commonly used to determine the “true” elevation of an existing underground utility. We can achieve this information with vacuum excavation, which is the highest quality level in the S.U. E process. Vacuum Excavation is a process where high pressure air or water is shot into the ground to loosen the material ( dirt, gravel, clay, etc.) around a utility line. The loose material is then vacuumed out, hence exposing the desired utility. We now can gather all the necessary information needed to identify the utility and it’s elevation.

camera investigation


Camera investigation is a great way to explore existing unpressurized pipes from the inside. We can fish a small fiber optic camera through a questionable pipe, with 360 degree visibility, to see if it is damaged or clogged at any given point.